A Guide to Finding a Deal on Insurance for Your Car

When it comes to finding insurance for anything, from your car to your home, there are all kinds of things to consider from the overall price through to the value as often the cheapest deals are not the best ones to go for, as cheap policies will likely be hard to make a claim on. Shopping around for deals on insurance is often easiest online and the internet is a great tool to use to get hold of cheap deals that are not available elsewhere on the market.

Even when you look online for insurance, there are still lots of things to take into consideration such as which insurer has a good reputation in the sector and how many people the insurance needs to cover. Good deals on car insurance can be found by comparing rates from different insurance providers and the trick is to find a deal that offers good value, rather than just a cheap price.

Shop Around Online

 The best modern tool available that allows us to save money on all kinds of things is the internet and deals on insurance for a range of vehicles is easy to find with a quick search.

Below are a few of the things that any car owner looking for a good insurance package will need to do:

  • Set out a budget before starting to shop around
  • Compare rates from different providers
  • Read the terms and conditions of each deal to see what the pay out clause is
  • Look at the payment options, as some will need to be paid each year and others month by month

Specialist policies on insurance such as coverage for cars that have been impounded can also be organised. In order to find competitive rates, it is essential to shop around for a good deal just as you would with regular insurance. However, many regular insurance providers won’t offer insurance for vehicles in a compound, so it is necessary to search for a specialist provider.


NOTE: It is important to sort out insurance for a seized car quickly, as you will often only have two weeks to organise the car insurance to get it released from the compound before they crush it or auction it off.

Collect All Relevant Details

 Whether you need to organise insurance for a seized car or a regular car, there are a few details that you will need to provide the insurance company with such as the following:

  • Your name and address
  • A copy of your current driving licence
  • Information about the car such, as the licence plate number
  • Copy of the MOT certificate and tax disc
  • Details about any additional drivers on the policy

For anyone who needs to get a compound car out of a lockup, you will need to organise specialist compound insurance plus take your driving licence, your MOT certificate and your V5 document with you to be able to take the car out of the compound.

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