All you need to sell your car quickly and find the best price in the UK

Dealerbid is a unique website that will provide you with genuine offers about “buy my car for cash”. This is done by putting you in direct contact with lots of motor dealers and car buying companies who have registered purposely as they are constantly looking to purchase your particular type of car immediately for cash.

This method of selling will not only save you time  and money compared to selling privately, but will also help you compare the market to find the best cash purchase offer, so you aren’t stuck with having to accept a low offer from a traditional car buying website.

price in the UK

Lots of different buyers

Dealerbid is somewhat different to the usual car buying websites in the way that it does not act as a middleman. Once you have entered your vehicle details and created an account, your vehicle details are immediately matched with interested dealers and emailed directly to them, as well as being available to all registered buyers on the site for 6 weeks.

The network of buyers is vast but all are vetted as genuine professionals within the trade so you will never be dealing with a member of the public. There are main dealers, independent used car dealers, sports vehicle specialists, 4×4 specialists as well as traders and car supermarkets, so the range of different buyers is immense.

A great result is a very informative website and if you want to see how many other cars similar to yours have been offered you can simply visit the site and click on search vehicles to see other user’s cars that have been offered and are currently live on the site. Contact details for these vehicles are strictly available to registered motor dealers so you won’t be able to contact sellers but you can at least get an idea of what sort of vehicles are being offered, with the ability to post town search you can even see what has been offered local to you.

To sum up

Dealerbid may at first glance look like any other traditional car buying website but as you get deeper into the details and workings of the site, you will soon realise how things are so different and how this method of offering your vehicle to sale to so many different types of trade buyer can benefit you.

Prices start at just £4 to list a vehicle with over 90,000 miles on the clock and £9 for vehicles under 90,000 miles. All you need to do to get started is enter your vehicle registration number on the front page of, answer a few quick questions about your car and you are good to go.

There is even an iPhone and Android app you can download to make communicating with dealers even easier. These can be found at the following links –

Dealerbid app for iPhone

Dealerbid app for Android

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