Buying Second Hand Scooter/Bikes – Best Tips to get you Started

Most people are often afraid to venture into the second hand bikes and scooter segment for the fear of picking up vehicles which might end up to be costlier for them than a brand new vehicle. However, it is not with most of the two-wheelers you will find in the pre-owned market in the country.3


Getting hold of a used scooter or bikes need not have to be like a stressful experience. You don’t have to spend number of days searching newspapers and classified ads to keep a look out for deals and bargains. Instead, see the whole experience of buying a second hand scooter or a bike as a wonderful experience. It provides you with an option to save money and get that much needed exercise under your belt. It would be best if you keep a number of useful tips mentioned below in your mind while spending money on pre-owned two-wheelers to get a great deal for yourself.

Pro Tip #1

It is always handy that you perform a complete research on the seller’s background. We cannot stress this enough that choosing to buy second hand vehicles for a reputed seller can be a difference between a bargain and a disaster. Measure and try to read the seller’s real motivation to sell his bike or scooter. Make sure the two-wheeler you are looking forward to buy isn’t stolen.

Also, if you are purchasing a pre-owned bike or scooter from an online site, make sure to check and review the seller’s ratings and previous customer’s feedbacks. Follow the golden rule of looking only for those sellers who have at least 20 genuine positive reviews. Make sure you ask for all the legal documents accompanying the vehicle along with sales receipts.

Pro Tip #2

It is imperative that you make a proper inspection on the scooter or bike you are planning to purchase from someone. Try to find out how roughly the vehicle was used by the previous owner. The wear and tear on the two-wheeler will provide you with a complete picture on how and where the vehicle was used the most. Make sure you ask a number of questions from the owner to gauge the maintenance work done on the two-wheeler and if it was done regularly or not.

If you are encountering with a reputable seller, your questions will be promptly replied back with satisfying answers. If you are looking at a seller selling Gixxer SF, you can easily buy the bike as the quality of materials used in its manufacturing combined with good looks makes the bike as one of the best in the market. To know more about it go to our Suzuki Gixxer SF review.

Pro Tip #3

Always keep in mind how you want to use the bike or scooter in future. If you intend to use the two-wheeler for covering long distances daily, it might be more prudent to go for a more fuel efficient bike, such as Hero Splendor, as you won’t have to spend large amount of money on fuel also. If you are an occasional rider, you can go for the fancier and better looking options, including the Gixxer SF, which might provide you with lesser fuel efficiency. This might be useful before you start searching for particular brands and bike models as it could really narrow down your search. You can learn more about the bikes by reading Suzuki Gixxer SF review given by the users.

The Last Words

It is always better to do as much research as possible before you end up by spending money on a pre-owned bike or scooter. Make a proper list of items and parts to check thoroughly on the vehicle and use your common sense to come to the best decision. Whenever in doubt or suspicion on any one, avoid buying from that seller.

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