Choosing Between Low and Quality LED Lights

Nearly all LED light manufacturers promise in their product description the ability of their products to stand up to 50000 hours. But is this real? Reality is sometimes not as promising in all LED lights. Do not mind the warranty: a year or two are just 10 percent of the total working hours. What can you expect following the warranty period? Are you a domestic or commercial user?

Low and Quality LED Lights

Most of the times, consumers do not get what they expect from very cheap products. Thus, it is important to know that things that must be taken into account when choosing between high and low quality LED lights.


LED chips are made by different small and big businesses. It is about materials used in manufacturing the chips. Bigger chips offer more lights, great stability against present variations; however, they cost more. Small and cheap LED chips offer less light and stability.

LED chips are made


You definitely cannot get great quality in products with very low weight. Since all LED lights need great heat dispassion, it requires a good amount of aluminum. Heat sink that is think offers more area in less weigh, but it won’t be able to transport enough heat for elimination. For this, active cooling is needed. A number of producers offer 12-20w lights in very low weight which feels like plastic body.  Such products are not expected to perform well.

Power Supply

When it comes to LED lightings, power supply is the heart. LEDs are semiconductors which must be carefully driven with based upon ratings. LED must be drive with constant DC supply to ensure it lasts for a long time. LED drivers become undependable if they have low life capacitors and low quality components.

Power Supply

Light Quality

Rare earth phosphor is a costly thing in LED lights. Cheap producers of LED lights make use of low quality phosphor in order to lower the cost. When you see spotlight that has a bit of different colors of white, this could signify low quality. LED producers find it quite challenging to maintain the same colors in white. Also, color rendering must be taken into account. In general, cheap LED lights do not have great CRI since the good one needs high quality phosphor.


The way LED lights are conducted is necessary. Look, design, feel and strength must be checked when picking LED. When powder or paint coating isn’t applied properly, the inside construction might be cheap. Some manufacturers produce big amount of products to compete price. Products whose production was made quickly and carelessly are not expected to last longer.

The way LED lights


A lot of people pick LED lights as new interiors trend. They do not take into account the type of lights they need. The majority of cheap LED lights come with optics for multiple requirements. Spotlights are not expected to make enough illumination in any drawing room. Opaque cover may sometimes be not for great lighting. It may be used for hiding cheap light components. This is particularly true with some cheap LED work light.

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