Common Car Faults

A direct result of the technological and manufacturing advances in the car industry is that cars are far more reliable yet complex.  Of course problems do still pop up; however the most common ones are not all that different to the past in car history.

Car Faults

Flat Battery

Batteries will eventually fail.  Environmental factors, such as extreme heat or cold, reduce the life of a battery as does hard use.  There are certain steps you can take to prolong the life of a battery and avoid the unpleasant surprise of finding that a flat battery has left you stranded.

Loose connections and faulty terminals are a major cause of battery malfunctions. When having your vehicle serviced made sure the terminals are cleaned and protected from corrosion.  You can clean the terminals yourself with a wire brush and protect them by applying a thin layer of grease or petroleum jelly.  Check the connections to make sure they are tight.

Flat Battery

If you rarely take a long trip, the battery may not recharge sufficiently. If that describes your driving, an overnight charge ever fortnight will prolong the battery life,

Fuel Problems

Even with warning lights, motorists still run out of petrol. Not only does this leave motorists stranded, it is also damaging to your car. Condensation can build up the tank, especially in cold weather, which leads to major problems like frozen fuel lines, rusty fuel tanks, and damage to engine components.

Using the wrong type of fuel is another common problem. Each year almost 200,000 drivers fill up with the wrong fuel, using diesel instead of petrol or petrol in diesel engines.

Tyre Problems

Road hazards and things such as hitting a kerb can result in tyre damage, as can lack of general maintenance.  Routine maintenance will result in longer tyre life, improve handling, and increase fuel efficiency.   Check to make sure that tyres are inflated to the correct levels and check for tread wear. If you notice the tread is wearing unevenly, it is likely that your wheels are misaligned.

Tyre Problems

Rotate your tyres on a regular schedule such as every time you have an oil change.

Other common problems include faulty starters, alternators, broken belts, and burned out head and tail lamps. There is no way to prevent car problems, no matter what type of car you have.  However, regular maintenance and inspection by certified mechanics can go a long way towards finding and preventing potential problems before they become a major inconvenience.

oil change

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