Common Mistakes to Avoid when Picking a Vehicle Transport Company

A lot of customers looking to choose a reliable auto shipping company end with issues with the service since they fail to make a good choice. But this situation can be avoided if customers know the mistakes when picking a car transport company.

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Believing that it is Best to Choose the Cheapest Auto Shipping Quote

The car transport industry is filled with a lot of unreliable companies. Many of these companies tend to low ball car shipping quotes to get the business of customers. The quotes will be seen by customers as the best value for the money. But, they don’t know that such kinds of auto transport companies don’t really intend to ship their cars at the agreed price. They need to bid the vehicle too low so it can be moved promptly. When the vehicle is not transported after an extended time period, the company will contact the customer with some excuses. Many of them will demand more money from customers to have the vehicle moved.

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Signing a Contract with a Car Transport Company

The majority of customers fail to realize that the best auto transport company doesn’t use contracts. In the car transport industry, a contract is used for protecting the company instead of the customer. This document is intended to excuse the transport company of vehicle damages and keep a customer’s deposit even if the vehicle is not shipped. But customers can avoid such issue by having an understanding of the deposit process.

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Giving a Deposit after Placing an Order

in a lot of instances, if a vehicle shipping company asks for a deposit after placing an order, they can be a good company. You can ask this company to ask you to sign a contract with them. The contract’s fine print will tell you that the deposit you made is non-refundable even if your car is not moved.  But this rule has exceptions. You can find reputable transport companies that get the full vehicle shipping price, instead of a deposit, as you place your auto shipping order. Also, a good company may collect a deposit during a scheduled pickup date.

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Choosing a Vehicle Transport Company without Researching

In order to ensure that you don’t end up wasting your money or time as you select a vehicle transport company, you should do your homework. In case your family or friends have shipped vehicles before, ask for a referral from them. When you are getting a vehicle from a dealer, you may be able to get information from them about a reputable car transporter that use regularly. Also, if you are using the service of a home mover, try to get recommendations from them. These referral sources are great ways to look for trustworthy car shipping companies. If you wish to find a solid transporter, you can check with the Better Business Bureau. The internet has some auto transport review websites to help you make a good choice by learning about the experience of other customers with a transport company.

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