Dealer CRM Ensures Better Customer Experience

Every day a number of people visit the auto dealer website as a result of email, ads or social media posts. The end result is that a lot of people do some online research, check reviews to ensure they see some better customer experience than their last one. However, there may be many who do not visit the dealer website. The question is – Can there be a reverse process to grow your dealer business and increase revenues?

The answer is extremely simple; the Dealer CRM can do it for you. This software is a complete solution that ensures a successful customer-dealer relationship. It not only benefits you as a dealer, but also wins customers by creating a long lasting relationship for years to come.


How the Dealer CRM works?

The Dealer CRM manages every lead from the initial contact all the way through to sale. It maximizes the sales opportunities. It helps the sales staff to engage with the customers as well as prospects in a completely new way.

Customers look for a seamless transition through every stage of the sales life cycle as well as customer life cycle and CLM. CRM can help you to listen to the customer and engage them at every point and eventually build customer loyalty.

Features that make it easy

  • Keeps the dealer better informed
  • Helps in inventory management
  • Helps in lead generation
  • Custom designs and sends direct mail to customers
  • Maintains email contact lists to improve sales and profit
  • Produces customized electronic brochures can be easily generated
  • Coordinates phone calls for service as well as post-sales
  • Promotes using customized text messages
  • Use social media platforms for marketing purposes
  • Encourages customers to continue the relationship through various loyalty programs
  • Analyzes data to ensure the entire customer needs and wants are met
  • Tracks employees performance through its robust sate of the art tracking system

The Need for a Dealer CRM

Auto dealers are required to have a strong online presence as well as marketing tools in place to ensure customers are well engaged at every point in different ways possible like direct email, coupons, email reminders, calls, text messages as well as loyalty programs.

The CRM is designed to convert the leads captured wherever possible – online, mobile or on social media as well as route and manage them. The Dealer CRM helps to connect, engage and serve the customers well to potentially grow the business by selling better, servicing the customers better and maintaining a relationship by partnering well at every stage. This relationship is required to be maintained even after the customer drives the car out of the showroom.

The CRM has been designed so that it can be customized well, according to the business needs, since every business has its own challenges and opportunities. This CRM can also be integrated well into the business system so that every contact with the customer is recorded which eventually helps improve customer-dealer relationship and saves information for future reference.


The dealer CRM is a single source dealer solution allowing you as a dealer to do more than what any other dealer can. It offers valuable information such as sales, service history, target marketing, and helps the dealers track information and administer information effectively in a bid to maximize the organization’s productivity. Hence, if are an auto dealer who is on a constant lookout for finding new ways to improve existing business, integrating dealer CRM software into your business system may well be the starting point!

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