Do paddock stands fit all bikes?

A paddock stand is motorcycle equipment that makes it possible to raise the rear wheel off the ground using a stand. This is useful for working on a bike that is raised off the ground or making it possible to move a motorcycle that has been lowered to the ground.

Paddock stands are commonly used in circuits and shops where many motorcycles need to be launched. They’re also used by riders during a pit stop at a racetrack so they can get closer to the ground while working on their bike. Similar stands are used in garages for easily moving motorcycles that have been lowered to the ground without using a jack.

What are the reasons for using a paddock stand?

Bikes come in different sizes and are designed for a particular use. So, depending on the motorcycle and its use, certain bikes may require a stand with particular dimensions in order to ensure stability when lifted off the ground.

Motorcycle stands are essential for keeping your bike stable, preventing it from tipping over and causing damage.

There are two main types of stand: wheel-mounted stands which hold the rear wheel off the ground, and axle-mounted stands that suspend the whole motorcycle by its axles. You can perform routine maintenance on your motorcycle more easily with a wheel-mounted stand.

Wheel-mounted stands are available in four types: forks, poles, bar, and twin-leg. The best type of wheel-mounted stand is the fork type as it’s more stable and easier to use than other types.

A wheel-mounted stand will fit any bike that has a rear axle or swingarm with holes in it, but it’s advisable to check for this before buying. You can use either a rear or front stand; the decision depends on what you need to do.

Paddock stands come in different sizes and can be converted into work stands. The main feature of paddock stands is their adjustability, which allows for getting the stand set up perfectly by making small adjustments until there is no more wobbling on the stand or on the motorcycle

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What is needed to use the Stand?

  • Rear wheel lift adapter (suction cup type or locking pin type) that fits your motorcycle.
  • Two different kinds of adapters are needed to fit different kinds of motorcycles
  • Suction cup type: for motorcycles with a narrow rear axle width (e.g.: conventional and special sports bikes)
  • Locking pin type: for motorcycles with a wide rear axle width (e.g.: cruisers, large scooters)

Does the paddock stand fit all motorcycles?

No, it does not. Different kinds of motorcycles have different specifications for their rear axle widths and therefore cannot be used with certain paddock stands.  You can buy motorbike accessories online that suit the needs of your motorbike according to the model and the type.

What kind of bikes need a different adapter?

Conventional and special sports motorcycles have a narrow rear axle width, so they need a suction cup type. Cruiser and large scooters have a wide rear axle width so they need a locking pin type.

Bikes with high-heel plates cannot use the paddock stand with a locking pin type adapter because the strong suction from the latter might damage the heel plate.

Bikes that have no axle cannot use a suction cup type or locking pin type. In that case, you need to purchase a customized paddock stand for your motorcycle.

When you buy a bike part -paddock stand, check out for a basic stand consists of four aluminum or steel components that include:

  • A long rod attached to the motorcycle’s rear axle that rotates into a sturdy base with locking tabs.
  • The base – two plates that are placed on either side of the rear wheel and locked together with turnable clamps.
  • A rotating crossbar that sits on the base and is attached to the long rod with a ball joint.
  • The universal adapter, which attaches to the rotating crossbar and locks it in place at the desired height.

It’s not easy to find out what type of motorcycle stand best suits every particular motorbike out there but Carboris can help you buy a bike paddock stand online and choose the best stand for your bike. The best type of wheel-mounted stand is the fork type as it’s more stable and easier to use than other types. It can also be used as a work stand for servicing the motorcycle by rotating the axle clamps around the long rod all the way round to face downwards.

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