Do You Need to Get Your Shock Absorbers Replaced?

Shock absorbers play an integral role in your car. They are located right beside the wheels and, as the name suggests, are designed to absorb the shocks that your car may experience on the road. While most people don’t really have a clue about how the shock absorber works, you should know that it is a hydraulic device that mainly ‘dampens’ shock impulses. If your car travels over any uneven surface, you don’t feel the full effect of it. That’s because the shock absorber converts the kinetic energy from the shock and turns it into heat energy, which is one of the main reasons why shock absorbers generally get hot.

Shock Absorbers Replaced

The shock absorbers in your car are installed in line with springs and cushions. This helps keep your car balanced and makes sure that your drive is as smooth as possible. As you can imagine, if you travel across uneven surfaces on a daily basis, the shocks in your car will get worn out much faster. If you travel frequently on smooth roads, your shocks will last longer. There are many places that sell shock absorbers in Auckland. However, before you set an appointment, there are a few things that you should check on your own. Here’s how to figure out whether your shock absorbers need replacement.

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Does Your Steering Wheel Vibrate?

One of the most obvious signs that your shock absorbers have worn out is if your steering wheel starts vibrating while you drive. The main purpose of the shock absorbers is to keep your car balanced on the road. If the shock absorbers are worn out, it will be difficult for you to keep the car balanced on the road. Even a tiny stone will make your steering wheel vibrate. If you are noticing vibrations in the wheels, you should definitely get the shocks checked and replaced.

Steering Wheel Vibrate

Does Your Car Rattle over Bumps and Uneven Roads?

If you can hear rattling sounds from the car as you travel over bumps or even surfaces, you should definitely get the shocks replaced. The shock absorbers are responsible for keeping your car balanced. If the shocks are damaged, the car won’t properly balance, and thus, you will hear rattling sounds from the side where the shock is damaged. Ideally, once the shocks are replaced, the next step is to balance them properly. A professional shock repair and replacement shop can help you in that regard.

Car Rattle over Bumps

Ideally, you should get the shocks checked after every two or three years of driving. Most people sell off their cars after five or six years, but if you plan to keep the car, making sure that the shocks remain in top shape is very important. Not only will this impact your drive considerably, but having poor quality shocks could also damage other functions in the car. In most new models, sensors are installed that tell you if the shock absorbers are failing or not.

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