How Do I Purchase TVS Ntorq Insurance?

India’s first Bluetooth-connected scooter with one of the best mileage and performance in the under-150cc two-wheeler segment. With navigation assist, last-parked location assists and ride stats shared on social platforms, this scooter has gained a lot of popularity among youngsters. When buying a TVS Ntorq, you need to consider the kind of insurance coverage you want.

In India, one must have a third-party 2-wheeler insurance policy. While these policies cover third-party liabilities, they do not cover damage to the insured bike. To get complete protection, you need to look for a comprehensive TVS Ntorq insurance policy. These policies offer third-party insurance and coverage for damage to your bike due to an accident or collision. It also covers damages to your bike due to other factors like fire, theft, man-made disasters, and natural calamities. In this article, we will talk about how you can purchase Ntorq insurance.

But before you buy bike insurance, we strongly recommend you compare two-wheeler insurance policies online to get the best coverage.

Why Do You Need Comprehensive Insurance for TVS Ntorq?

TVS Ntorq is a sporty scooter designed for efficient navigation on city roads and in city traffic. It is stylish and is designed using the model of a stealth aircraft. It has 20mm Roto Petal disc brakes and an additional parking brake to boost the rider’s safety. Although the scooter offers optimum control and navigation, even the best driver cannot always avoid an accident or collision.

If you are at fault and cause an accident that damages a third party, you are legally bound to pay for the damages and even compensate the third party in certain cases. Since a third-party liability-only two-wheeler policy is mandatory in India, your insurance policy takes care of these liabilities.

However, the third-party policy does not offer coverage if your bike gets damaged in an accident. Hence, you have to manage the costs of repair. Depending on the damage, these costs can be high. When you opt for a comprehensive TVS scooter insurance policy, the insurer covers third-party liabilities plus damages to your insured two-wheeler.

How to Buy TVS Ntorq Insurance?

Traditionally, buying a bike insurance policy involved visiting the insurer’s office or contacting an insurance agent. You were then required to submit documents and take your bike for inspection before issuing the policy.

In recent years, most insurers have started offering two-wheeler insurance plans online. Now, bike owners can purchase policies online without leaving their homes/offices. Here is a quick step-by-step guide to help you buy a comprehensive TVS Ntorq insurance policy:

  1. Choose the insurer after you compare two-wheeler insurance providers and plans
  2. Visit the insurer’s website
  3. Enter the details of your two-wheeler, including the manufacturer’s name, registration date and number, etc.
  4. Select a comprehensive policy under the type of insurance policy needed
  5. Choose the right Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the scooter. This will determine the sum assured of the policy
  6. Select add-on covers based on your specific needs or conditions. You can go through the list of add-ons before buying the policy. Also, every add-on cover increases the premium. Therefore, choose wisely.
  7. Agree to a voluntary deductible amount to reduce the premium. However, this is the amount you will have to pay every time you file a claim. Therefore, choose carefully.
  8. The insurer will offer a quote on the TVS Ntorq insurance price and terms of the policy.
  9. If you agree with the quote and terms, pay the premium
  10. Receive the policy documents at your registered email address

Summing Up

Buying a bike insurance policy has become hassle-free and cost-effective, with insurers offering them online. However, before looking for a policy, assess your insurance needs depending on how you plan to use the bike. Also, research the market and compare insurers and plans to find the most cost-efficient and feature-rich policy for your TVS Ntorq.

Good Luck!

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