How to Identify Rigging Parts and their Functions

Utilising rigging products in the way in which they are meant is vital. Otherwise, you can risk injury to yourself and those who are around you when used improperly. Here is a brief overview of rigging products and their functions that are commonly used in the haulage industry:

Utilising rigging products

  • Wire Rope is often used outdoor. This is considered stronger, thanks to the small metal ropes that are intertwined together. There are various sizes of wire ropes and types of wire ropes including galvanised, stainless steel, general purpose, crane wire ropes, and high performance wire ropes.

Wire Rope is often used outdoor

  • Chain and hook rigging products are often used in conjunction with other tools. For example, this type of rigging could be utilised with heavy machinery. It is vital to know the difference as different chain and hook combinations can sustain different weight combinations.
  • Hoist and wenches are often used when dealing with heavy items that cannot be lifted by people. Due to the weight that these items are going to be responsible for lifting, it is vital to know which hoist or wench to use when doing a particular job.

rigging products

  • Fibre and synthetic ropes are not meant to pull large weights, but they are still useful on any job. The strength of the fibre is going to directly correlate with how this product is being used, so always buy with the weight in mind.
  • There are also various rigging products that are designed with specific functions in mind. For example, lifting equipment, electric hoists, hydraulic systems and restraints.

hydraulic systems and restraints

In order to correctly use these products, it is essential that a person know:

  • The intended use of the product purchased
  • Safety rules with using these products
  • Any on site safety rules that need to be kept in mind while on the job
  • The exact job and what the person is trying to do in order to determine which equipment should be used

equipment should be used

Utilising rigging parts is a main aspect of several types of jobs in the world. Those who utilise these tools should have extreme knowledge of what they are doing in order to prevent issues. In addition, they should ensure that they are using rigging parts that are made with quality in mind. All-Ways Rigging Gear has all the products that any person could possibly need to complete a project from start to finish. Products are made with quality in mind so each job can be completed safely.

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