How to pick the right instructor for you

When you are learning to drive, it’s vital that you pick the right instructor for you. SpeedyTests who specialise in finding earlier tests, state that this is one of the key factors in ensuring you don’t fail your driving test. The majority of their custom comes from people who take their test, and fail it.  First time pass rates currently stand at 47%. So small details blatantly matter, having the right instructor, the right car, the right mindset makes all the difference. So what should you consider when choosing an instructor?


Yes, pricing is a huge factor in anything we pay for. Is this instructor competitively priced? £20 an hour is the lowest fee you will probably ever get with a driving instructor. Saying that, money may talk in this situation – there may be a reason as to why they’re so cheap…


Always look into the school, or instructor. Like an employer would vet you, if you’re investing your hard earned money by hiring an instructor, do your research. Look on social media platforms like Facebook to look into their business pages, their reviews, there ‘people’ skills. Social media is an open book, there could be good and bad reviews.

How many years they’ve been in the industry 

Having an experienced instructor could be one of those small details, which could make or break your big day. An experienced instructor will know all the test routes, and this is crucial that you know all the test routes off by heart. An instructor taking you on roads you will never go on during your test is a waste of time. You’re paying £20+ an hour to pass your test, nothing else. The focus should be on this. 

Having a learner friendly car 

Yes! Having a suitable car is essential. There’s no point in driving around in an SUV, or Ferrari. Something relatively small so that you can do your parking efficiently, not too powerful – also featuring a strong clutch (if you’re learning manually).  Also, when you pass your test, your insurance company simply won’t allow you to get a powerful car (unless you have cash to burn).

Are you ready? 

Although picking a good instructor is essential, they aren’t the ones taking the actual driving test. You’re the one who will sit in the seat, you’re the one who books the test, you are the one who learns to drive. If you aren’t ready, it’s came over for you.

Can you afford it? 

Learning to drive is no longer a standard thing to do. It’s now a privilege. This is because of the pricing – most learners will pay thousands of pounds to pass their test. Not many 17-21 year olds can afford that kind of money with them not having a job, still being at school or having to pay off student debts. This is what I mean by it’s a privilege, analyse your income and weigh up if it’s right for you and your bank balance. 

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