Involved in a Car Accident? Here is what you should do

Approximately 9 million car accidents happen in the USA alone. Most of them include property damage only. However, some people are not fortunate enough and they have to bear personal injuries as a result of the accident. Also, some accidents are fatal and may result in death.

If you ever get involved in a car accident, big or small, first call your car accident lawyer in Kent. The attorney can help you take the right measures and ensure that you don’t do anything that might harm your claim. Here are more tips.

1. Protect the scene

No matter how big or minor the accident is, you should never evade the accident scene. Stop for a while, look if somebody was hurt, inspect the damage, and then decide the further course of action. No one should be allowed to contaminate the accident scene. You can do this by setting up a warning signal around or by keeping the parking lights on.

2. Call the police

You must call the police even if nobody was hurt. A police report is essential to claim insurance. If there are other vehicles affected in the accident, they should stay where they are if the traffic is not affected. Otherwise, wait for the police to come and inspect the whole scene.

3. Collect information

It is important that you don’t accept anything there and then. Instead, collect information such as name, contact number, and address of the driver, the name of the insurance company and policy number, information about the vehicle (model, make, year, license plate number), location, date, time of accident, contact information of witnesses, contact information of the police officer that comes to inspect the scene. When all this is done, fill a car accident at your local DMV or police station.

4. Take pictures

Use your mobile phone to take as many pictures as possible of the accident scene from different angles. Take photos of injuries as well. These pictures and videos are particularly useful in establishing the party at fault and the extent of damages.

5. Seek medical attention

It is common for injuries to show effect after a day or two from the accident. Go to the doctor and prepare a medical report as soon as possible. Doctor’s report can be used to claim compensation for the injury.

6. Contact the insurance company

Call your insurance agent immediately from the accident scene. Try calling the insurance company in the presence of a police officer. Your insurance agent might want to talk to the officer to get accurate details about how the accident happened.

7. Don’t talk at the accident scene

It is recommended that you should talk only with the police, medical team, and insurance representatives at the accident scene. Any discussion with people about the accident is discouraged. Also, insurance companies recommend that you should not accept your fault there and then.

Since you don’t know the other party, their insurance company, the kind of insurance they have and so on, it is advised that you do the above-mentioned things. Doing these things will make your case strong and make sure you are paid enough to cover the damages.

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