Modern Farming Equipment

Machinery and farming have a wonderful relationship that began at the start of the industrial revolution. Prior to that, a farmer would harvest his crop with a sharp scythe, then the stalks and heads would be separated by beating it with sticks. The process was very labour intensive and often required the whole family, with perhaps some hired help to complete the task. Then along came machinery, and with wheels that perpetuated the cutting motion, the crop was harvested in no time. Threshing machines did the rest and slowly, over time, machines played a larger role in European farming.

Modern Farming Equipment1

The Steam Age

Steam driven tractors were used for ploughing, and by attaching a belt to a pulley, it was possible to run a variety of contraptions, each designed for a specific task. As time went by, and the internal combustion engine took over, more and more farming tasks were picked up by machines.

Today’s generation of farming machines

Technology has probably helped agriculture more than any other industry, allowing farmers to complete time consuming tasks in a fraction of the time.

Soil cultivation

What used to be a man and beast combination, can now be completed by one person and a tractor. With a range of ploughing devices that can be attached to the vehicle, any type of ground can be effectively ploughed.

Modern Farming Equipment

Bale handling machinery

The development of this machine has come on in leaps and bounds, and if you would like to view the very latest in bale-handling equipment, Browns Agricultural manufacture agricultural machinery and have a wide product portfolio. They stock a wide range of efficient baling machinery, along with flail toppers and post hammers.

Combine harvester

This machine is sometimes referred to as simply a combine, as it combines reaping, threshing, and winnowing into a single process. Combine harvesting is suitable for all grain crops, and the waste straw is either spread evenly over the field or baled, whichever is required. This invention has enabled farmers to intensify their labour in other areas, rather than the harvesting, which always took a significant amount of man hours to complete.


This was always labour intensive, as more often than not, there was no available source of water, so it had to be brought to the fields somehow. Water pumps have changed all that, and a farmer can move large volumes of water efficiently with pumping. This is especially important for fish farming, where ponds have to be drained and refilled often.


Machines have changed the way we extract milk from the dairy herd, with the age-old hand milking almost extinct, only preferred by either very small farms, or people who wish to stick to traditional methods.

Modern Farming Equipment2

Fertilising and pest control

After the seeds have been sown, it is essential to add supplements that promote growth, and modern solutions enable farmers to effectively fertilise their crop as it grows. Then there’s the problem of stopping the army of life forms that happen to include our crop in their extensive menu. For more information about cutting edge farming machinery, visit

Modern farming has benefitted from technological advancements to the point where it is a different industry. Call Browns on 01525 375157 for more information.

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