Money Therapy

Personally, I despise the phrase “retail therapy”. It implies that any spending of money will make you feel better. I strongly disagree with that. It’s a slippery slope once you start spending money to make yourself feel better. It will start to become a thing of habit and soon you will find yourself broke, more depressed than before, and surrounded by useless junk.


While there are many aspects and connotations of that phrase that I don’t particularly enjoy, there are a few I can appreciate. If we go strictly by the “retail” part of it, then it sounds awful. It should just be called “money therapy”. Now I know what you’re thinking. You think it sounds even worse. Hear me out. Retail implies that all you are doing is spending money on clothes and other material items. Money therapy is different. Money therapy means spending money where you get your most value out of it. For example, it’s been a rough couple of weeks for you. Your boyfriend dumped you for some other girl, you’re struggling to maintain at work, and it is ten degrees outside. The world seems to be falling all around you. Enter money therapy. You decide you don’t need no man and you want to use some of that vacation time you were saving for a trip with your ex. Now that he is out of the picture, you decide to book a flight to Jamaica for some fun in the sun. That is money therapy. If that doesn’t interest you and you want to stick to retail then fine. Be smart though and pick up some Groupon coupons for and save some money. Being mentally stable is great but being mentally stable and not broke is even better.

So, whoever is in charge of changing words please send this their way. No more retail therapy, folks. Spend it wisely and in the right place. You are essentially investing in yourself instead of a shirt you’re only going to wear once. It’s all about the money therapy. I bet Floyd Mayweather would love to hear more about this

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