Signs You Need a New Motorcycle Battery

Batteries for your motorcycle are not very expensive, but you’d like to avoid spending money if possible. That’s why so many people end up in a bad situation. They put off replacing their motorcycle batteries for far too long. If you’re starting to see the signs of a small problem, you might have a reason to invest in a new battery. Small problems have a way of inching along slowly and then turning into big problems in a hurry. Then again, some of them are just small quirks that work themselves out. Knowing the difference could save you a lot of money and time.


Corrosion on the Terminals

If you look at your battery and see a buildup of corrosion, you have battery acid that is leaking out somehow. The corrosion will likely look white and powdery. You should clean off the terminal with a soft wire brush. If that doesn’t get it done, you should use a very mild detergent. Make sure that you are grounded with a rubber or plastic handle on your brush and the battery is unplugged. If, at any point, you feel uncomfortable with these repairs, stop and order a new battery. It’s better to spend a few pounds than to take your chances with electricity.


Cleaning off the terminals is pretty much the end of the repairs. Now keep your eyes on the terminals in the coming days. If you start seeing more build up, you have a leak. County Battery Supply motorcycle batteries so if you do have a minor leak, it might not seem like a big deal immediately, but you should invest in one because you may soon need a replacement.

Slow Starts

If you press the ignition and it seems like your motorcycle really doesn’t want to start, you might have a battery problem. If you can kick start or roll start your motorcycle, you should try that. If it starts up instantly by kicking or rolling it, you have an issue with your battery. If it sounds like you’re just not getting enough power to your engine when you press the ignition, you have an issue with your battery.


You can open the top of the battery and inspect it to see if there is any battery acid covering the cells. If the battery acid is below the level of the cells, you need to top it off with pure distilled water. Also, order a new battery. Distilled water is a temporary fix that doesn’t work for very long.

Frequent Battery Problems

For a select few unlucky people, battery problems are incredibly common. These are people who have to replace their batteries before the warranty for the battery is over. Almost every battery has an indication of how long it should last or how many ignitions it is certified for. That means you will be able to estimate if batteries are not lasting as long as they should. Batteries failing prematurely means that you have some kind of issue that is not just battery based. You should talk with battery experts about what you can do to enhance your battery’s life.


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