SUV Models – Mercedes Benz or Lexus

These days, SUVs are in great demand and many people prefer to go with SUV as they are known to be stylish, attractive and come with interesting features. Out of the many brands and models out there in the market, the Lexus SUV has garnered widespread attention and has turned out to be a huge favorite of the masses along with the Mercedes Benz SUV as these are known to score in looks, technicalities, features, and style element. Though comes with high-tech features that are hard to find in other models of SUVs, it still lacks some great features that are found in Mercedes-Benz SUVs.

Customize option

Many people would want to personalize or customize their car to suit their own taste as well as requirements, however, most of the cars out there come with several standard features which make customization of the car features a lot more difficult to handle. The best thing about Lexus SUV is that it is known to come with fewer standard features which provide enough room and scope to customize the car features as per one’s specific requirements. This way, one is able to get the best sort of user experience. However, the Mercedes Benz SUV features come with several standard features than Lexus but the features are so good and interesting that it is able to get better support from those who know about cars well.

Features and specifications

Lexus SUV is known to have some of the best features and specifications when compared to others in the field. It comes with a 5.7L V8 engine which is a bit less than that of Mercedes Benz. Also, Mercedes Benz has 14 standard speakers whereas Lexus has just nine. There are many areas in which Mercedes scores better than Lexus. The Mercedes-Benz SUVs are known to come with better safety rating when compared to all other models including Lexus. The Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV has received the IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus rating for the model launched in 2017 with frontal crash prevention. It also has the 4Matic® feature that is known to send torque to the wheels when it comes across slippery surfaces. Also, the Active Brake Assist feature helps in preventing any car crash.

Overall, we can understand that both Lexus, as well as Mercedes Benz, has some great range of SUVs that comes packed with latest features providing a perfect kind of driving experience for one and all.

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