The Best Fleet Management Software 

Managing a fleet of vehicles has dramatically changed from how it was accomplished in the past. Today the use of software and GPS tracking for pinpointing the location of each vehicle in a fleet can instantly be accomplished. The following are several of the best system available to the business world.  Choosing the correct software to reduce your costs and reduce accidents by improved driving when big brother is watching will help lower your fleet insurance premiums.


This system can be accessed from the cloud or via a mobile device as an app. The mobile app is available in both Android and Apple. This software can help automate fleet operations, track drivers, manage maintenance schedules, manage fuel and has a reminder for vehicle inspections. The dashboard is intuitively designed and the entire system is customizable to any particular application. The system has a start-up cost and a subscription fee. This system can be used from small to large fleets of vehicles.

ClearPath GPS

This is a web-based system that can also be accessed on a mobile device using an app. The app is available in both Android and Apple versions. The system has vehicle tracking updated every 30 seconds, monitors driver actions and automatically tracks the maintenance schedule for each vehicle. The updates on the vehicles are color coded for easy identification and the history is saved for up to a year. This software is recommended for small and medium-sized fleets.

Maintenance Pro Web

This is a cloud web based system, but not accessible by mobile devices. Vehicles can be tracked so their location, speed and fuel consumption can be instantly known by the home office. Maintenance schedules are also tracked and work orders can be sent to technicians via email when work on a vehicle is required. This is a subscription system with a monthly fee attached to it and is designed to be used by small and medium-size organizations.


This is a web based tracking system that can also be accessed by both Android and Apple mobile devices. The vehicles are tracked by GPS mounted devices and provide location, speed, fuel consumption and even the deployment of airbags when a collision occurs in real time. The dashboard is customizable to fit the needs of an individual organization and includes maintenance schedules and reminders to help keep the fleet operational. This is a subscription based payment fee system designed for any size fleet from small to large.

WorkWave Route Manager

Access to this system can be accomplished via computer or a mobile device. It is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. The system sends out the best possible route to drivers and notifies the home office once a delivery is made in real time and the time the vehicle departs from the delivery address. When a driver deviates from the assigned route for the next delivery, a notification is sent to the home office. Information acquired about each vehicle includes idle time, delivery time and fuel consumption. This is a subscription payment system that is suitable for fleets from small to large in size.


This is a fleet management system where fuel consumption is the top priority. The software can be accessed on the web with a computer. This system uses both software and hardware to track the fuel used by vehicles in the fleet that includes RFID devices and barcode readers. Driver data, daily fuel used and operating costs can be monitored. This company requires an initial payment and a monthly subscription fee for using their system.

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