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The Best Kia Cars in Australia

Kia Motors is a South Korean automobile manufacturer that was founded in 1944. It was originally known as the Kyungsung Precision Industry. The company’s headquarters are in Seoul, South Korea, though they have a very prominent dealership network throughout the globe. Kia vehicles are available in almost every country. In Australia, there are plenty of local dealerships that sell Kia cars. The brand has gained a reputation for manufacturing high-quality, reliable cars that are not only fuel-efficient, but also provide comfort and safety. If you are thinking of buying a Kia, here are some of the best options available in Australia.


Kia Rondo

The Kia Rondo is widely regarded as one of the best family vehicles on the market right now. It provides a considerable amount of leg room and is equipped with the latest safety features to make your drive as peaceful as possible. The Rondo looks exceptional and is also quite fuel efficient. Available in three variations, Si, SLi, and Platinum, the Rondo is a fantastic choice for those who want a reliable, long-lasting family car for running errands.

Kia Cerato Hatch

When it was first introduced, the Kia Cerato received a lot of praise. The stylish and bold design of the Cerato was an instant attraction. The Cerato Hatch is available in four different variations and comes with modern technologies such as Forward Collision Warning, Blind Spot Detection, and Lane Departure Warning. It’s a compact, zippy vehicle that can take you from A to B with minimal fuss. Click here to find out more about the Kia Cerato Hatch.

Kia Sorento

For those who want a bit more power when they get behind the wheel, the Kia Sorento is a wise choice. The latest model offers significantly improved cabin space and provides standard seating for up to seven people. On top of that, it’s available with a choice of diesel and petrol engines, so you can choose whichever you like. You can also book a test drive of the Kia Sorento at any local dealership within the city.


Kia Optima

The Kia Optima is one of the most popular vehicles produced by the South Korean manufacturer. Designed for the everyday traveller, the Optima provides just the right balance between safety and security, but also power and precision. It is fitted with all of the latest technological enhancements that the company has to offer, and is also available with a choice of several turbocharged engines. The Kia Optima includes improved safety technologies and a redesigned interior. The high-class interior is going to make you feel as if you are sitting in an elegant boardroom. The wooden touches and polished finishes, along with the custom leather accents all combine to make the Optima a fantastic option for daily commuters. It’s a comfortable ride that’s designed for Australian roads and has been highly ranked by Kia faithfuls. Before buying any vehicle, you should first contact your dealership and go for a test drive. It will help you decide which vehicle is best for you.

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