The do’s and don’ts of modifying your car

You need to understand several things if you are thinking about modifying your car by changing its interior, body or engine. The process of modifying a car is complicated. It is even harder when you consider the laws involved and the impact that modification will make on your car insurance.

You should learn of the technicality involved in customising your car since some modification requires an expert’s help. It is vital to have the crucial information to make a wise decision, even when getting an advanced clutch.

What is car modification?

You can make several car modifications since there are more than a hundred different car parts you can change for better performance or just for aesthetics. Car modification can be termed as changing or adding something that was not part of the initial manufacturer’s specifications. It is not a must to modify your car when making repairs.

For example, when you replace your car clutch using a similar clutch, it will not be classified as a modification as it will perform the same as the previous clutch. However, when you change your standard clutch using advanced clutch technology, it becomes a modification as you will have an improved performance on the road. The only challenge with car modification is the impact it will have on your car insurance.

The above distinction is crucial since you may think you are entitled to compensation in case of an accident, but your insurance provider may not compensate you because of the modifications. Therefore, it is advisable to disclose your clutch modification plans to your insurance provider.

Benefits of using the advanced clutches in car modifications

Advanced clutch technology offers products that have gone through quality assurance before introduction to the market. Therefore, you are sure about the positive impact that the product will have on your car. Before fitting the clutch, they are tested for different aspects like clamp load and friction.

It is important to take your time when selecting the modification parts since many accidents result from poor decision making.

Advanced clutch ensures your car movement is enhanced through improving the performance of crucial parts like the race clutch disc, clutch kit and flywheel.

Different car modifications have different impacts on your insurance policy. Insurance providers always assess car modification using two key areas: the risk of theft and the risk of accidents. Therefore, when making car modifications, it is important to have car modification insurance. You should also inform your insurance provider to see if your changes will negatively affect your policy.

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