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The Process Of Shipping Cars

Importing and shipping a car is actually not that easy when you take a first look at it, however, if you hire professionals like Dazmac Logistics to help you out, you will not have to worry about anything. But, even if you do hire a company to do most of the things for you, there are still some things you will have to do yourself.

Picking your car

Of course, before you even order something, you have to choose a car which you want to import. While this sounds quite expected, you should know that when you are picking the car that you want to import, that it is actually legal to import as there are some cars that are illegal for importing for some reason.

Contact an auto moving company

Once you pick out your car, you should contact an auto moving company. Hire Dazmac for shipping car to New Zealand and check out some other auto moving companies if you happen to be from somewhere else. When you first contact one of these companies, it is important to give them some basic information about your car.

This information includes things such as the model of the car, the age, and its running condition. This will help calculate the expenses of the shipping services as sometimes things can turn out to be quite expensive because of something that you didn’t mention. Once you have the suggested shipping prices, you should choose the method of shipping.

Shipping today is handled better than before

Fees are important

Today, it is normal to pay a fee up front, since it would be quite unfair if you would bail out of the deal once the car actually arrives. While paying fees, you can also pay for some extra services such as the extra car protection while shipping, and if you really want your car to arrive in its exact condition, getting insurance is always a good idea.

The best way to do when it comes to shipping is to pay for a closed container as nobody will be able to temper with your car besides the people who are shipping it, and the law officers that will later inspect your car for safety along with a couple of other things. A good tip is that you should always import your car during offseason as it will arrive faster, and probably safer as well.

Containers are the best way to ship a car

What to do when your car arrives?

Once your car arrives to your destination, you will have to let the officers of the law check it out as it was mentioned above. After everything turns out to be alright according to the law, you will have to register it in order to legally drive it. A lot of people tend to forget to register the car once they receive it, and this can turn into big complications if you are pulled over for something.

Final Word

Hiring a good auto moving company is really the key when it comes to shipping your vehicle, whether it is import or export. You do have an option to do all this by yourself, but if you happen to miss something out in the paper work, you can get quite a big penalty and go to jail for “smuggling” even if you are not actually intending to do so.

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