The US Policies on Entry of Cars to the Country

Every government issue certain rules and regulations governing the importation and exportation of cars in the country. Most car transport companies you might be checking online should know about this and should guide you on how to meet certain requirements.

US Policies on Entry of Cars to the Country

The US government provides free entry of vehicles for the following:

  • US citizens who were employed abroad or those government employees on voluntary leave will be allowed to import foreign-manufactured cars free of duty as they enter the country. This condition will be legal in terms of short visit or claim of non-resident status.
  • US government’s military or civilian employees who are assigned to other areas and are returning after their duty will be granted free of duty importation regardless of their opted car transport companies. The vehicle should be bought abroad and the owner should have possessed it before the departure.
  • Non-US residents can import a vehicle free of duty for their personal years within one year considering that the vehicle was bought in time with the owner’s arrival to the country.

For those vehicles imported other than for personal use will be free of duty considering that these may be used in race or other certain purposes. The vehicle will be subject to forfeiture if a bond is not granted within ninety day after its importation.

The Manufacturer’s Label

Certain permits will be granted only to vehicles that bear the manufacturer’s label in the body of the car. This label should be written in English certifying that it has met the US standards for emission and use.

Vehicles Subject to Emission Standards

Certain vehicle models should be subject to emission standards regardless of bearing the manufacturer label in their bodies. These vehicles are as follows:

  • Motorcycles originally manufactured after December 31, 1977 and are displaced with more than 90 cubic centimeters
  • Heavy-duty engines that are originally created after 31st of December 1969
  • Light-duty trucks that are diesel fueled also manufactured after the 31st of December 1975
  • Diesel fueled cars which are manufactured after 31st December 1971
  • Light duty trucks and gasoline-fueled cars that are originally manufactured after 31st of December 1967.

Importing a vehicle to the US requires a lot of compliance tests and documents. Ask your car transport companies regarding these regulations so you can prepare before the arrival of your car to the US soil. It also pays to read and research on these policies for better understanding.

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