Tips for a motorist planning a long journey

When going on a long journey, you need to properly prepare your car, as even a small breakdown can ruin your trip. Especially, if you expected this breakdown, but you decided to not bother with fixing it. So, what needs to be done before a long journey in order to get to your destination in time?

motorist planning a long journey

First of all, you need to fix everything that raises even the slightest doubt. It is necessary to check whether it is time to replace the brake fluid, motor oil, or some other consumables for the period of your journey. If you have a Dodge Charger, you can also find Dodge Charger reviews and learn when you need to replace these things.

If needed, you should visit a service station. In order to identify and detect weaknesses in the technical condition of your car, you could use a comprehensive diagnosis of your car at a service station.

During the preparation of the car for a long journey, first, you should check the status of the chassis, as it is the most vulnerable part of your car that takes care of all the bumps of the road. Experts advise to have your car examined every 12-15 thousand kilometers, and given the state of certain road surfaces, you should do it even more often. Excellent condition of the chassis is above all a guarantee of the security of your journey.

motorist planning a long journey

A timely fixing of a malfunction, a replacement of shock absorbers, anthers, wheel bearings, ball joints will save you from serious wasteful spending in the future. For example, defective shock absorbers directly affect the tire wear rate, brake pads and the car transmission.

The second important aspect is the condition of tires. It is necessary to check the tire pressure, and it should comply with the recommended pressure for your car. The checkup is necessary to be done before pulling off and in this case, you will get the most accurate readings. The tread depth should be no less than 4 mm in summer and no less than 6 mm in winter. A ” pumpkin” could let you down at the first turn.

Things like an accumulator that suddenly went down, or a malfunction of headlights could also make a lot of trouble on the way. It is necessary to check the condition of the vehicle electrical, the condition of alternator belt, engine cooling system, air conditioner etc.

motorist planning a long journey
And, of course, do not forget to take along an insurance policy and a set of every motorist which includes a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and warning triangle as these things are necessary.

Remember that you should not compromise on your safety. Go on a journey only on a properly functioning car, and then your journey will bring you only positive emotions. In case you have an old car and you seriously doubt that it will be able to withstand a long trip, you may want to consider getting a replacement such as a Hyundai Santa Fe or any other Korean car that are not that expensive but are known for their reliability and technical features.

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